Product Management

Concentrated wholesale power on over 10,000 m²

We don't just manage supplier relationships - we love them. With all the ups and downs! For more than thirty years, we have been a reliable partner for manufacturers from all over the world. Mostly fair and efficient. Always in the sense of good business for both sides. With AXRO you can open up new sales markets, because we have over 3,000 potential customers all over the world. And we can take large quantities and store them temporarily at our logistics centre.

In the past only inks and toners

 - today also a lot of hardware

We are constantly expanding our range of hardware: printers, monitors, network technology, telephony, gaming and much more. and much more. We focus in particular on well-known manufacturers such as Brother, Jabra, Cherry, Razer, PDP & Co, Razer, PDP & Co. What distinguishes us here: We react extremely agilely to constantly changing product trends.

Notes for suppliers:

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