Career in Software Development

In our software development department, we have a love-hate relationship with technology. Take microservices, for example. It's like having a bag of mini donuts at your desk. They're delicious, bite-sized, and oh-so-tempting. But just when you think you've had enough, you realize you've accidentally created a microservice for each sprinkle on top.

And then there are web technologies. It's like walking into a fancy bakery and seeing a towering cake display. You want to taste every flavor, from HTML to CSS, JavaScript to Shopware. But sometimes, it feels like we're just icing on the cake, desperately trying to keep up with the latest JavaScript framework while the cake itself (our codebase) starts collapsing under its weight.

But despite the occasional frustration, our department is a fun bunch. We've mastered the art of debugging with a side of humor. Our error messages are more like comedy sketches, leaving us in stitches as we decipher what went wrong. And our coffee breaks? Let's just say they're less about caffeine and more about exchanging GIFs of confused pugs trying to understand JavaScript's asynchronous nature.

In the end, we may stumble upon bugs that feel more mythical than Bigfoot, but we tackle them with persistence and a good dose of laughter. After all, what's software development without a sprinkle of humor and a pinch of web technology-induced chaos?

Our contact person for Software Development

Claas Witthöft
Head of Software Development
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