Delivery terms and conditions

The „small print" to request for delivery of goods.

1. General Information

1.1 Address

AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH

Schnackenburgallee 183-201
D-22525 Hamburg

Tel.: +(49) 40 54 711 - 0
Fax.: +(49) 40 54 711 - 711

1.2 Delivery Periods

Monday - Friday 07.00 - 12.00 hours

Bookings not during this time only after having consulted with us!

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2. Delivery Terms and Conditions

2.1 Given Dates of Delivery on Orders

As delivery dates are entered for sales, the dates must be held.
The pre-advised delivery dates must be strictly followed and are understood as the latest. The supplier is responsible for the according performance with the carrier. If you wish to deliver beforehand, please adjust the requested time with our notification department (see point 2.2).

2.2 Notification of Pallets

2.2.1 To guarantee an unloading between 7-12 hours on a fixed delivery date, please make sure to pre-advise at least 24 hours before and wait for us to confirm your booking!

To pre-advise please contact:

Tel.:+(49) 40 54 711 - 350

Fax.: +(49) 40 54 711 - 750


The notification must include the following details:

  • Name of carrier
  • Name of supplier
  • Number of pallets
  • AXRO order number
  • Requested delivery date

2.2.2 Non pre-advised deliveries will be turned-down and will be handled last if the time allows. This will cause extra expenses depending on time and personal needed to handle each case (see point 5).

2.3 Delivery

2.3.1 Pallets must be packed to ensure that unloading is sufficiently protected from rear end of vehicle via pallet truck.

2.3.2 If unloading is not in perfect condition, AXRO will not assume any liability for resulted claims.

2.3.3 If a delivery is planned with a van or smaller vehicle which cannot be unloaded at the ramp, the driver will have to unload by hand.

2.3.4 Unloading outside of warehouse/building f.e. by a forklift will not exist.

2.3.5 For every delivery the driver must hand out bills of lading enclosing all needed detailed information of delivery.

2.4 Unloading

The loading platform of vehicle must have following measurements:

  • Wide enough, so that 2m loading ramp can rest on loading area.
  • The height of loading surface of vehicle must be minimum 1,10m.
  • Loading height of vehicle has to be minimum 1,90m.

2.5 Delivery Note

Each delivery must be accompanied by a delivery note:

  • Recipient
  • Sender
  • Article name
  • Total number of units per delivered article
  • Table of contents must contain individual parts of pallets

Delivery note has to be attached on first pallet which will be unloaded first or must be handed out personally by the driver!

2.6 Transport Documents

Requested company as well as sender must be declared on all transport documents.

2.7 Invoice

Invoice must not be included with the goods. Please send invoices separately to AXRO:

AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH

Schnackenburgallee 183 - 201

D-22525 Hamburg

Or to:

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3. Packaging

Please make sure that you only send us unlabeled items, which means in original condition as received from the producer. If you have to label delivery for any reason, this will only be accepted on outside foil and not on consumables.

3.1 Delivery of Parcels

3.1.1 Parcel units f.e. 10 parcels have to be marked outside of each parcel unit. The parcel unit which contains delivery note has to be labeled accordingly. No part-deliveries will be accepted.

3.1.2 To avoid transport damages, please make sure that especially parcels are packed with care.

3.2 Delivery of Pallets

3.2.1 In case of deliveries with more than one pallet, each pallet must be labeled with a pallet number which is expressly stated on delivery note (see also point 2.5).

3.2.2 Pallet units have to be packed in that way, so that the delivery arrives in an efficient and acceptable condition.

3.2.3 If not expressly agreed, shipment must be delivered on exchangeable Euro-pallets.

3.2.4 The freight of each pallet must not protrude over the measurement of the pallet.

3.2.5 Generally orders have to be delivered completely, means that we only accept partial deliveries after arrangement..

3.2.6 For mixed pallets, an item is not allowed to be spread on several pallets!

3.2.7 The complete height of a pallet must not be higher than 2,00m.

3.2.8 The delivered pallets have to be packed, so that the barcodes can be scanned without having to unpack the pallet.

3.2.9 Additional work and expense for not correct delivered goods will be charged to your account (see also point 5).

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4. Transport Control

  • AXRO confirms the carrier receipt of delivered goods and makes a sight check.
  • Amount and consistence of separate articles will not verify up to the time of take-over.
  • We will reserve the right to announce later found claims caused by hidden damages or missing parts.
  • In case of an obvious damage, AXRO will report this to you immediately.
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5. Not holding of Delivery Terms and Conditions


If our delivery terms and conditions are not held, effort and time will be charged with effective costs.

AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH 

Your logistic department


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AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH

Schnackenburgallee 183-201

D-22525 Hamburg

+49 40 54 711-0

+49 40 54 711 - 711

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