Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions to AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH. If your questions are not answered, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. To whom does AXRO supply?

As one of Europe's leading supplies distributors, we see ourselves as an important intermediary between manufacturers and wholesales as well as specialist retailers. As part of that role, we exclusively supply resellers. For that reason we are unable to supply end customers directly - that policy applies for private or commercial end customers.

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2. Is there a minimum delivery value?

We try to keep our delivery conditions as flexible as possible to serve our clients. It is, however, unavoidable to set certain lower limits in order to maintain an attractive price level. That is why we deliver orders of min. EUR 500 freight prepaid within Germany, and international orders freight prepaid from an order value of EUR 10,000. Of course there may always be exceptions - make sure to speak to your personal AXRO contact person for details.

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3. To which countries does AXRO deliver?

AXRO delivers worldwide! By road, air or sea - as individual cargo or in
containers - we will always find the best logistic solution to suit your needs.

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4. Does AXRO also offer compatible supplies?

We believe that everybody should do what they do best. During our 20 years of industry experience and contracts with more than 20 manufacturers, we have specialised solely in original supplies.

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5. Can I ask for non-binding quotes via the AXRO webshop?

Yes, you can submit a request for quote for the desired item and quantity, and we will provide you with an individual quote. Once you have submitted your RFQ, you will receive an offer from your personal AXRO contact person that will match your exact requirements.

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6. How are goods dispatched?

For deliveries in Germany, we use the package service Trans-O-Flex or UPS, pallets are dispatched via the carrier forwarder Dachser. Goods are generally delivered within 24 hours. We have specific logistic partners in many countries for deliveries outside Germany, who offer specific dispatch days and delivery times. Please get in touch with your personal AXRO contact person for more detailed information.

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7. How quickly can items be delivered that are not currently in stock?

It would not be realistic to give a general answer here. However, our excellent connections with manufacturers and our sophisticated backorder management allows us to keep delivery times transparent and manageable.

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8. When can I reach my personal AXRO contact person?

Our office is usually reachable between 7 am and 6 pm (CET) on working days. That is when you will be able to reach your personal AXRO contact person - or if he or she should be unavailable - a competent stand-in, who will in most cases be able to answer your queries as well.

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9. What do I have to do if I have a complaint, a warranty claim, or similar?

Complaints and defects can happen. We have provided a service tool for you on our website, via which you can provide all necessary information in order to allow us to process your issue as quickly and easily as possible. The rest is done by our RMA department.

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